In December 2023, the NSPCA inspected the Highveld Ridge SPCA and found 73 animals that were severely diseased, yet remained untreated.  Unfortunately, AGAIN, during our inspection on 07 February 2024, 63 suffering animals were discovered suffering from severe health issues including parvo virus, biliary, snuffles, and mange.  ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX ANIMALS found suffering in a short time of two months.  Something smells of rot at this Society.

Despite having a legal obligation to treat animals humanely, the Highveld Ridge SPCA has failed these suffering sentient beings, by not providing euthanasia, nor veterinary care.  The Management Committee is responsible for the management of the Society and it is their legal and ethical obligation to ensure the wellbeing of all animals in their care, and to make decisions on their behalf.  The Committee, without exception, have failed the animals, and we are considering prosecution in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.  No individual is beyond the law of causing suffering.

The NSPCA stands firm in our belief that while euthanasia of fit and healthy animals is opposed, it is a necessary measure for sick and suffering animals.  Animals deserve a dignified, painless death rather than enduring unnecessary suffering due to cruelty such as malnutrition, disease, trauma, and physical abuse.  Additionally, the exposure of puppies to disease in the kennels further underscored the urgent need for intervention.

Our SPCAs nationwide ought to serve as sanctuaries and safe havens for all animals that are either unwanted or unaffordable, as well as those enduring suffering.  Each animal should be afforded compassionate care, love, and respect.  Sometimes, this care and love is simply special treatment before the animal goes to a place which is better than being subjected to suffering on this earth.

Any indication of illness or injury in animals under the care of an SPCA should prompt immediate attention from a veterinarian.  Only if the SPCA possesses the necessary resources to provide proper treatment and nurture the animals back to health should they remain in its care.  Animals should not endure further suffering while under the guardianship of an SPCA.

The NSPCA remains committed to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare across all SPCAs.  We will continue to monitor and intervene where necessary to ensure that animals are treated with the care, compassion, and respect they deserve.

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