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HUNTING AND FISHING – The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) does not believe that sport justifies causing suffering to animals and therefore is opposed to the hunting or fishing of any animal for sport, recreation or entertainment.

While the NSPCA recognises that hunting per se is entrenched in South Africa as part of sustainable utilisation of natural resources, it is also aware of the shortcomings regarding ethical and humane practices within the industry that are compounded by the lack of co-ordinated enforcement.

The practice of canned hunting, irrespective of species hunted, is regarded as unethical and directly linked to animal abuse that is unacceptable by society at large. The NSPCA believes that the practice of canned hunting in all its forms, as well as the breeding of any large predators for any other reason than bona fide conservation projects should be prohibited.

Any form of hunting that does not involve a free-living and self-sustaining animal with a fair chase and chance of escape should be considered "canned”

In the context of professional and recreational hunting the humane treatment of animals cannot be ensured without including the breeding, transportation and holding standards of wildlife in the related game industry.

Consideration and Respect

Animals are living, sentient beings and therefore deserve consideration and respect, quality of life and a humane death. The mistreatment of wild animals has no place in the renaissance of our magnificent country. It is incumbent on us all to condemn the unethical practices and take our places in the future exhibiting the qualities of honour, compassion and respect for life.

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Updated: 6 November 2014

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