NSPCA Appalled – Johannesburg Zoo To Obtain Another Elephant

The NSPCA was made aware that the Johannesburg Zoo is bringing in another elephant. This decision has been made following the death of one of their elephants, Kinkel, earlier this year – leaving their remaining elephant alone.
The captive environment for elephants at the Johannesburg Zoo is detrimental to any elephant’s well-being.
The NSPCA was informed that the decision was approved by the Johannesburg Metro which is run by the Democratic Alliance (DA). Both the Johannesburg Zoo and the DA profess to believe in and uphold the 5 Freedoms, an ethos which outlines basic animal welfare, yet the decision to introduce another elephant into a facility which does not meet these freedoms has been considered acceptable by both the Johannesburg Zoo and the Democratic Alliance.
The NSPCA will secure a humane alternative that is not only beneficial for the well-being of their remaining elephant, Lammie, but would also stop the endless and redundant cycle of continuously condemning elephants to captivity for many years to come.
“The NSPCA will continue to fight for Lammie and every other elephant that may be doomed to a life of captivity. We believe that moving Lammie to an approved sanctuary would be far more beneficial for her welfare. We have expressed our opinion to the Johannesburg Zoo as well as the City of Johannesburg’s mayor, Herman Mashaba” said Karen Trendler, manager of the NSPCAs Wildlife Trade & Trafficking portfolio.
The NSPCA challenges the DA to uplift Lammie’s welfare and make the correct decision to move Lammie to an appropriate and accredited sanctuary and to not condemn another elephant to a life of captivity.

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