The NSPCA is deeply saddened by the immense devastation sweeping across KwaZulu-Natal as a result of the current national flooding disaster. The NSPCA extends its sincere condolences to the many families who have lost loved ones and their homes.

Disasters favour nobody. Not people, and certainly not animals either. The NSPCA has been in liaison with all fourteen of our member SPCAs across KwaZulu-Natal to try and establish a means of providing assistance.

Three of our SPCAs have been directly affected by the flooding, however, they are, fortunately, still operational. Thankfully, No fatalities or injuries of staff or animals have been reported at the SPCAs.

Our biggest concern currently, is the fact that arterial routes to the surrounding communities of our SPCAs have been destroyed or blocked. This makes it almost impossible to travel in or out of the areas that require attention, however, alternative routes are being looked at.

More rain is expected over the long weekend, and the situation may possibly worsen. We have all seen the videos and images on the news of people being displaced, losing their homes, and trying to evacuate or find a place of safety and shelter. Many animals have already been and will continue to be displaced. When faced with the flooding, all alone, these animals will not know where to go, where to find shelter, water and food. The SPCA movement, other animal welfare organisations and the public need to be the light for these animals.

The NSPCA implores the public to please report any animals that are injured, sick or compromised as a result of the flooding to their local SPCAs. If you come across an animal that has been lost or is displaced or is stranded, try to lend a helping hand. The SPCA is open 24/7 to admit animals into their care.

The NSPCA has a team of inspectors on standby, and have assured our member SPCAs that we will assist should they require.

The aftermath of this disaster will be long-term. SPCAs will have to be able to cope with the influx of animals that are brought in, as well as make provision to go out into surrounding communities to assist the people with animals who have also been affected by the flooding. Food, shelter and medical care will be required.

The SPCAs in KwaZulu-Natal will depend on the public to support them to provide relief in terms of animal welfare across KZN. If you are in a position to help, please donate to the SPCAs in KwaZulu-Natal.

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