The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) condemns the unnecessary destruction of a lion that was kept in captivity at a facility in Limpopo.

Footage of a lion attacking a man that had entered the lion’s enclosure has been circulated on social media. Following the attack, the lion was condemned to death.

“This incident highlights the very reason why wild animals should not be kept in captivity and further indicates that the public should stop supporting facilities that keep wild animals in captivity” says Martie Rossouw, manager of the NSPCA Wildlife Protection Unit. “Furthermore, we strongly discourage wildlife interactions as this could result in the same display of behaviour, putting the public at risk as well as compromising the animal’s well-being and possibly resulting in their unnecessary death.”

The NSPCA is vehemently opposed to captive wild animals and uphold the notion that wild animals belong in the wild.

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