“Magic Fish” are fish eggs imported from Asia. They are packed in very small bowls and all the purchasers need to do is add water and the supplied food – and wait for the fish eggs to hatch. The product is marketed as a toy for children.

Early in 2012 the National Council of SPCAs undertook investigations into the “Magic Fish” product as promoted and sold by Homemark. Consumer complaints were received that the creatures which hatched, died soon after. The National Council of SPCAs subsequently met with the CEO of Homemark to discuss animal welfare concerns surrounding this product, and an undertaking was given by Homemark that existing stock would be sold off and that the product would no longer be imported. Stocks were expected to be depleted by the end of 2012.

Following a breach of commitment by Homemark to cease the distribution of this product by December 2012, the National Council of SPCAs approached major retailers stocking this product. Commitment was received from the following stores to immediately remove the product from their shelves –

  • Game
  • Pick n Pay
  • Makro
  • Checkers

The National Council of SPCAs applauds these retailers for their commitment and interest in the welfare of animals.

News on this Issue –

  • Homemark’s “Magic Fish” – Off the Shelves
  • On 31 January 2013 Checkers joined other retailers with their commitment to remove “Magic Fish” from their shelves

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