The National Council of SPCAs expresses their extreme disappointment in Pet Zones recent decision to introduce the sale of live animals as pets across their stores. In a recent media statement made by Pet Zone, they make reference to a ‘long standing relationship’ with the NSPCA. This ‘long standing relationship’ equates to the donation of blankets, a donation of R30 000 on 13th May 2014 and a donation of R10 000 on 08th December 2017 from Westpack – long before their decision to sell live animals across their stores.

Had we been consulted before this decision was made, we would have advised strongly against the sale of live animals. The NSPCA, and the SPCA movement as a whole, opposes the sale of live animals to and from pet stores or any other outlets/operations, including over the internet due to a number of serious welfare concerns regarding the animals.

Further to their statement, Pet Zone indicated that they would approach us to ensure “high standards are maintained”. We take strong objection to Pet Zone attempting to use our name to further their offensive endeavours to sell live animals in pet shops. The NSPCA has made it clear that there is no way to guarantee the welfare of these animals indefinitely, and we will only be prepared to work with Pet Zone if they are willing to show a genuine interest in ceasing the of live animals across their stores.

The NSPCA hopes Pet Zone acknowledges the concerns of the NSPCA and the public with the utmost seriousness, and that they will retract their decision to sell live animals.

The NSPCA cautions the public against buying pets online and at pet shops because by doing so you may be contributing to an industry where animals are made to suffer. We remind the public that a pet is usually a lifelong commitment and should not be bought on impulse.

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