The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) monitored the Fauresmith Endurance Horse Race earlier this month. This endurance horse race that takes place annually in Fauresmith in the Free State province.

The NSPCA Inspectors monitored all aspects of the race. A total of 407 horses were entered into the race, 397 horses competed and only 202 horse completed the race. This means that more than 50% of the horses failed to make it to the finish line due to various medical reasons.

In February 2017 the NSPCA also monitored an endurance horse race in Kroonstad whereby several animal welfare concerns were also uncovered at this race. The NSPCA issued several warnings for injuries caused by tack, persons attempting to ride a horse with injuries and for a horse that was underweight.

The NSPCA is of the opinion that there are many animal welfare concerns associated with endurance horse racing and that this sport is not conducive to the wellbeing of the horses.

The NSPCA opposes animal racing in any form and does not believe that sport justifies the suffering of any animal.

The NSPCA will continue to monitor the horse racing fraternity and take the required action to prevent animal welfare concerns.

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