In June 2023, the NSPCA Special Investigations Unit responded to a distressing complaint about the mistreatment of animals at a Primary School in Kuruman. What we uncovered was deeply concerning.

Upon investigation, we found 17 puppies and 4 adult dogs crammed into a small enclosure. Under our guidance, the Kuruman SAPS removed these animals from the dire conditions. The school’s principal was cautioned about the cruel conditions.

To ensure that the problem was nipped in the bud, a follow-up inspection was done in August 2023, in collaboration with the Kuruman SAPS, which revealed unsettling developments. The principal’s reluctance to grant us access to the premises raised suspicion, leaving the Inspectors curious about what lay behind closed doors.

After some delay, we gained entry, only to discover four adult dogs locked in the enclosure. And that wasn’t all – hidden in a classroom, we found 12 Pitbull puppies, accompanied by their chained mother.

After confronting the school Principal, he willingly surrendered all the animals to the NSPCA, claiming they were being utilised for security. He was issued a warning. In total, we rescued 34 dogs from the school, and the NSPCA is currently considering the appropriate legal measures against the parties involved.

It is vital to emphasise that schools are not suitable places for keeping or breeding dogs. Just last week, a tragic incident unfolded in KZN, where a child was attacked by a pack of dogs at a school in Ixopo. This serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers and risks associated with keeping dogs near children in educational institutions.

Let’s prioritise the safety of both animals and humans. Together, we can create a world where every animal is treated with love, compassion, and respect.

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