The National Council of SPCAs is pleased to announce that a total of R268,084.89 has been raised in response to the NSPCAs appeal for financial support to assist animal welfare organisations in Ukraine because of the war. This total included a R30,000 donation from the NSPCA itself.

The generous contributions of the South African public have been successfully transferred to the Gostomel Animal Shelter, which is situated in Gostomel town, northwest of Kyiv in Ukraine.

The search for suitable animal welfare organisations in Ukraine took longer than anticipated for a few reasons. One of the issues included the fact that many banks and ATMs had been destroyed and getting the money across safely had to be very carefully considered.

Ms. Marcelle Meredith, the Executive Director of the NSPCA, has been very diligent in checking and rechecking shelters in the Ukraine with her contacts in Europe to ensure that the organisation selected is best suited to assist animals.

We are pleased to say that the Gostomel Animal Shelter does not confine animals. Street animals that have been abandoned are collected and the shelter also takes in all animal species, even occasional wild animals.

Please click on the link below for a heartwarming report about the shelter and their determined commitment to take responsibility and help animals!

The NSPCA extends its sincere appreciation to all the caring individuals who donated to the NSPCAs cause to provide relief for the animals caught in the war. For the animals at Gostomel Animal Shelter, your contributions have made all the difference.

“We had hoped that by now this war would have ended. What the Ukrainian people need and deserve is peace, and in these dark hours the NSPCA stands with Ukraine and wishes them strength. We commend our colleagues in animal welfare who have shown immense bravery and courage by choosing to stay in Ukraine and protect the animals who cannot defend themselves.” – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director, NSPCA.


Keshvi Nair

Public Relations Officer


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