The NSPCA commends the New Zealand Government for taking yet another gigantic stride in favour of animal welfare by placing a ban on live animal exports by sea.

“This is a milestone in terms of animal welfare across the globe. For the animals in New Zealand, it means they will never again be subjected to suffering at sea and at the hands of other countries without legislation to protect animals. For animals across the rest of the globe it is a beacon of light and hope that there will come a day when they too will not be subjected to such vile cruelty.” – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director.

New Zealand, which is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of animal welfare, had already begun taking steps in preventing the suffering of animals by placing a ban on the export of live animals for the sole purpose of slaughter way back in 2008.

Today, in 2021, THIRTEEN years later, South African authorities have failed to afford even this minimal protection for the animals in our country. Al Mawashi, a Kuwaiti importer, continues to subject hundreds of thousands of animals to suffering at sea in order to be slaughtered in the Middle East- where there is NO legislation for the protection of animals.

The failure of the South African Government to take a stand against live export is, simply put, a slow and torturous death sentence handed down to the livestock animals of South Africa. It is beginning to appear as though the suffering of another being can be overlooked if the correct price tag is attached to it in this country. New Zealand has acknowledged that millions of dollars will be lost upon the ban of live export, and yet they have still decided to impose the ban on account of ensuring no animal is subjected to suffering.

The NSPCA has advised on many occasions that South Africa should rather export packaged meat. This would not only ensure that animals do not suffer unnecessarily, but it would also help the country’s struggling economy and would still guarantee food security in the Middle East.

“Despite everyone’s best efforts, the voyage times to our northern hemisphere markets will always pose animal welfare challenges.” – Damien O’Connor, Minister of Agriculture, New Zealand.

“It is appalling how this gross animal cruelty is allowed to reoccur time and time again in the eyes of the entire world and it is not seen as a brutal act of violence. Times have changed, why haven’t we? The NSPCA hopes that the South African Government will heed New Zealand’s ban against live export as a wakeup call. Until then, as always, the NSPCA will keep on fighting for the ban against the live export of animals north of the equator. ” – Marcelle Meredith.

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