When stray animals are picked up, many people’s first course of action is to take the animal to their local SPCA, however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, people take stray animals to their local veterinary clinic or even other animal welfare shelters.

The issue of stray animals in our country is a matter of serious concern. One must remember that stray animals don’t only include animals that may have gotten lost by mistake, stray animals also include the animals that are forced to live on the streets permanently because they were dumped, abandoned, or born in the streets.

In addition to the local SPCA, there are also other animal welfare organisations and shelters that try to alleviate the suffering of stray animals by taking them in, and there are also good people who take these animals to the SPCA, or other animal welfare shelters or veterinary clinics when they find stray animals in the streets.

Technically, stray animals are meant to be admitted to the local pound, and often it is the local SPCA that acts as the pound for their community. Given the sheer number of stray animals that are on the streets, including areas where there are no SPCAs, sometimes members of the public have no choice but to take those animals elsewhere if the SPCA is too far away.

Although other animal welfare shelters do not have the authority to act as a local pound, animals that are admitted into their care may have a better chance of survival than being left on the street- especially in areas where there are no SPCAs.

Pet owners are strongly advised to look at facilities beyond just the SPCA for their lost pets. SPCAs scan every single animal that is brought in, and if your pet has a microchip or a collar, you will be contacted.

In addition to the local SPCA, pet owners should look at their local veterinary clinics as well as other local animal welfare shelters for their lost pets. Most veterinary clinics and other animal welfare shelters also share posts with the details of the stray animals they have brought in on their social media accounts.

Pet owners are reminded to ensure that all their pets are properly identified by way of a microchip and collar, with updated details, to ensure that their pets can be reunited with them if lost.

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