The Wildlife Protection Unit of the National Council of SPCAs responded quickly and efficiently on Monday 28 November to assist a stray zebra mare, reported as roaming in the Germiston area, close to the Rand Airport.

A representative from the SPCA in Germiston was initially dispatched to investigate and the zebra was located: – grazing on a golf course! A close eye was kept on the animal as arrangements were made to remove her and take her to safety.

Details of the matter were relayed at the outset to Gauteng Nature Conservation who gave a general undertaking to go out and look for the animal but to date, there has been no record of any Nature Conservation official attending or taking any form of action that could have assisted the zebra.

The first steps taken by the NSPCA were to obtain the use of a specialised game trailer. Appreciation is expressed to the Johannesburg Zoo for the loan and use of the trailer. The services of a specialised Wildlife Veterinarian were obtained and personnel went to the scene.

The zebra mare was tranquillised and transported to a wildlife conservancy in the south of Johannesburg. She had sustained minor bruising on her chest and legs from continued running through bush and fences and was duly treated.

To enable monitoring by the Veterinarian, she was confined in a boma for the first two days. We are delighted to announce that she is progressing well and has been released to join an existing herd of zebra currently on the conservancy.

It remains unknown where she came from.

The NSPCA will continue to monitor her progress and will ensure that the rest of her life will be in a non-captive situation with others of her kind.

The lack of assistance from Gauteng Nature Conservation is noted with grave concern. They are government-funded. We are not. Yet when animals need help, it is ourselves, the National Council of SPCAs, who go out willingly, efficiently and with commitment to the immediate and long-term welfare of any animal being helped.

The public needs to know.

UPDATE: The mare is doing well and will continue to stay on the concervancy.

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