The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) condemns in the strongest terms the planned fundraiser at Futurum Akademie, near Jan-Kempdorp. The Northern Cape private school’s advertisement promoting a game/hunt auction, with the prize being the hunt of a lioness in Tosca valued at R40,000, is both appalling and deeply concerning.

Under mounting pressure from animal advocacy groups, the school has purportedly agreed to substitute the lioness hunt with two buffalos. However, this compromise fails to rectify the fundamental ethical issues at hand.  Our goal is to foster a future where animals are not viewed as mere commodities for human financial gain but as sentient beings deserving of dignity and respect.

It is distressing to witness an educational institution, entrusted with shaping the values and attitudes of young minds, engage in such exploitative fundraising tactics. The NSPCA has long stood against the captive lion industry and has advocated for the welfare of thousands of captive lions for over two decades.

The NSPCA unequivocally opposes the hunting of animals for exhibition, entertainment, or sport. While acknowledging the role of hunting in South Africa as part of sustainable wildlife management, and despite claims of a “clean kill,” our experience suggests that such outcomes are rare.

Futurum Akademie’s Advertisement

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