The NSPCA is deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court of Appeal’s decision to deny its request for leave to appeal the Judgement of AJ Dukada, handed down on 25 August 2020.

The decision by the Supreme Court of Appeal has sparked misleading media statements that this decision is the “end of the road” for the NSPCA. It must be clarified that the Judgment of AJ Dukada dealt with an interdict that was sought in June 2020 to stop Al Mawashi and LTTC from transporting live sheep by way of a ship to Kuwait.

Despite the NSPCA’s best efforts, the effect of AJ Dukada’s judgment was that 56,000 sheep were allowed to be loaded onto a ship and transported to Kuwait, during which process, severe cruelty was observed by the NSPCA inspectors.

The public must not lose sight of the NSPCA’s real fight in this matter, (part B) which is against the live export of sheep across the equator by sea, and which will commence imminently.

The NSPCA are consulting with their legal team and counsel in respect of this recent development, however, we can assure the public that the war is far from over and the NSPCA are doing everything within their power to put a stop to this cruel trade. No animal should be subjected to cruelty, no matter what the monetary value is.

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