The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) were victorious in the Grahamstown High Court today after applying for an urgent interim interdict against inter alia, Al Mawashi and the Kuwaiti company who owns the Al Messilah vessel. The case was heard on an urgent basis yesterday morning, following the unexpected arrival of the Al Messilah vessel, in East London.

The NSPCA had already applied for an interdict against Al Mawashi and the Kuwaiti company and the application was set down for 16 July 2020, but when the Al Messilah approached the South African coast line, the NSPCA and their prestigious legal team acted swiftly to ensure that an urgent application was heard prior to the loading of some 70 000 sheep destined for the Middle East.

Judge Jaji, ruled in favour of the NSPCA, confirming the interim interdict against Al Mawashi and the Kuwaiti company, together with an order for costs (in favour of the NSPCA). This interim interdict is in place, pending the hearing of 16 July 2020. Al Mawashi and the Kuwaiti company may not transport any sheep from the feedlot, nor export any sheep from South Africa, pending the outcome of the Court hearing on 16 July 2020.

“Although this fight is far from over, we are overjoyed with this victory. We sincerely thank our incredible legal team for their understanding, perseverance, and passion, we thank Animals Australia for their support and dedication to the cause of stopping live export and finally, we thank our supporters for their continued support and faith in our organisation – one battle won, it is now time to win the war” said Marcelle Meredith, the NSPCA’s Executive Director.

The NSPCA is opposed to the live export of animals by sea.

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