NSPCA Inspector examining Animals in Transit

Border Initiative

The trade in and movement of animals are not illegal activities, but the NSPCA continually expresses its concern about the standards of care in the movement of animals both within our own country and through our ports of entry/exit. The welfare issues encountered involve sub-standard crates, insufficient ventilation, overcrowding, long periods of travelling and stand-overs in airport warehouses due to delays in legal clearances, the incorrect loading and handling of crates containing live animals as well as long-distance road transport, overcrowding and associated injuries.

Our Inspectors help and support distressed animals on their journeys.

By regularly visiting our country’s ports of entry and exit, Inspectors from the NSPCA provide some solace to the tens of thousands of animals that cross our borders every month. Whether it’s wildlife, farm animals or domestic pets, our Inspectors work closely with SA Police Services, SA Revenue Service and Customs and Nature Conservation officials to ensure that the animals travel legally and humanely.

Transported animals face extraordinary hardships. You can protect them.

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