Horror Findings When Lion Farm Raided

Having obtained a warrant to enter the property of the Excelsior Lion Farm near Tosca in the North West province, NSPCA personnel uncovered evidence of large numbers of donkeys having been inhumanely slaughtered. We also uncovered approximately 100 skins.

The donkeys had not been pre-stunned to render them unconscious prior to slaughter, the method of killing thus being in contravention of the Animals Protection Act, in terms of which, criminal charges are being laid.

It is confirmed that 10 donkeys had been slaughtered during the night of 28 February.

On the property is an abattoir which is registered for the slaughter of cattle plus sheep/goats: – but not for equine. Slaughtering donkeys in this facility is an offence.

The NSPCA team alerted the SAPS Stock Theft Unit and also the North West Province’s Veterinary Public Health Service. As a result, these organisations have worked alongside and in collaboration with us. Charges are being laid in terms of the Animals Protection Act, Stock Theft Act and the Meat Safety Act.

The NSPCA is of the opinion that this is a commercial operation which is involved in the donkey skin trade and also linked to the recent sale in Hartswater in the North West Province where an estimated 450 donkeys were auctioned and sold. NSPCA personnel were present at this auction, inspecting all animals and intervening when necessary. Three horses, a donkey and three sheep were euthanased at the sale on 25 January 2017 due to the severity and degree of their suffering.

The donkey skins found on the Tosca property are being removed to a place of safety. At this stage, approximately 100 skins have been loaded for removal.

The NSPCA Inspectorate team remains in the area, working on the case. Updates will be given in due course as further information is received.  www.facebook.com/nspca will be updated with visuals and additional comment or input as received by the National Council of SPCAs as matters continue to unfold.



The NSPCA commends the North West Department of Veterinary Services for their prompt action, the abattoir has now been suspended according to section 10 of the Meat Safety Act. The abattoir will remain suspended whilst an investigation with the Department of Health and the Consumer Protection Unit is conducted.

The accused has now been issued with Summons and will appear in the Ganyesa Magistrates Court on the 22 March 2017.



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