The National Council of SPCAs has grave concerns surrounding the death of the elephant bull at the Johannesburg Zoo on Tuesday, 4 September 2018.

It was brought to light that the elephant had been down since Monday and that he was being closely monitored by their veterinary team but succumbed to death the next morning.

“We are perplexed that there are still elephants being kept in zoos, surely, as a country that has beautiful National parks where elephants and other wild animals get to live their lives out naturally, that we would have moved away from keeping elephants in captivity” said National Inspector Martie Rossouw, Manager of the Wildlife Protection Unit.

She added: “We can only hope that there will be victory for all elephants in zoos as a result of this tragedy; that morality will prevail and that elephants will be phased out of zoos and captive facilities in South Africa.”

The NSPCA remains of the opinion that wild animals belong in the wild.


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