There are many ways you can personally join the NSPCA in taking action against animal cruelty and ensure that you are using animal-friendly products and services.

Make the Green Choice

By making the choice to Go Green you are able to help animals every day.

Add Your Voice

By adding YOUR VOICE you help us to ensure that no animal in South Africa is subjected to any form of cruelty. It all starts with you taking the #WeLoveYou pledge.

Pledge to Eat Less Meat

By Pledging to eat less meat you can help us reduce consumption and make the world a better place for farm animals.

Pledge Not to Support Circuses with Wild Animals

By Pledging not to support circuses with Wild Animals you can help us put a stop to this cruel practice.

  1. The NSPCA is 100% donor funded
  2. The NSPCA is mandated to enforce the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 and will not hesitate to take legal action on behalf of the animals that are subjected to abuse and cruelty.
  3. The NSPCA is the largest and oldest animal welfare organisation in South Africa having worked for over 65 years in support of animal welfare.
  4. The NSPCA oversees the work of 79 member SPCA’s countrywide
  5. The vision of the NSPCA is to end animal cruelty In South Africa and engender compassion for all animals
NSPCA - 65 Years of Service