The Matlosana Animal Shelter and its personnel, who illegally occupied the premises of the SPCA, were evicted by the Sheriff of the Stilfontein Court following an eviction order issued by the local Magistrate on Friday 12 August 2016.

The NSPCA obtained an urgent eviction order in May 2016 following an illegal takeover of the SPCA property in Stilfontein by former staff members of the Society. The Matlosana Animal Shelter gave the court notice of its intention to appeal the decision of the Magistrate, which did not materialise.

The Matlosana Animal Shelter is managed and owned by former SPCA employee, Suzette Kotze, whose racist slur on social media led to her suspension, whereupon the new welfare organisation was formed and began to operate illegally from the SPCA premises.

NSPCA and SPCA personnel regained possession of the property in the early afternoon of 12 August 2016 and found 7 dead dogs and 7 dead cats in the freezer. None of these animals had visible injuries and appeared to have been euthanased. The Matlosana Animal Shelter promotes itself as a “no-kill” organisation. All live animals were removed from the SPCA premises by the Matlosana Animal Shelter.

The Matlosana SPCA will continue with its affairs on both its premises in Klerksdorp and Stilfontein. We would like to assure our supporters that all animals in the area will be attended to and that the Matlosana SPCA will continue to take in stray and unwanted animals at both its facilities.

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