The NSPCA Special Investigations Unit recently planned a trip to the Northern Cape. Whilst in the outskirts of Port Nolloth, our team received reports of animals in urgent need of assistance.

Responding to the situation, a small outreach program was conducted in the area to provide immediate aid to the compromised animals. The lack of veterinary services in the vicinity has left these animals suffering without access to proper care. Recognising the urgency of the situation, our team conducted inspections on the animals in the area, identifying those in need of immediate attention and providing some much needed assistance.

Our team was able to assist more than one hundred animals. During the outreach program, our dedicated Inspectors provided vital care to the animals, offering necessary treatment and support. Tick and flea treatments were administered, and educational resources were distributed to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership. In addition to the outreach efforts, our team also conducted inspections on animals in the area, ensuring their well-being and taking necessary action where required. Warnings were issued to address any instances of neglect or mistreatment, emphasising the importance of proper care and compassion towards animals.

The uncontrolled breeding of domestic animals across the country has become a pressing issue that demands Government attention. The NSPCA firmly advocates for the implementation of widespread sterilisation programs and the establishment of strict laws to control the breeding of animals. By encouraging responsible pet ownership through sterilisation, we can effectively address the overpopulation crisis and alleviate the strain on animal welfare efforts. It is crucial that we work together to promote a compassionate society where the welfare and well-being of animals are prioritised and protected.

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