The NSPCA Special Projects Unit recently received a complaint about a shipment of 96 wild antelope species that were destined for India from OR Tambo International Airport.

Upon further investigation it had been noted that the animals had been held at the cargo warehouse longer than expected due to paperwork discrepancies, which resulted in the flight departing without the animals.

Our NSPCA Special Projects Unit Inspectors were dispatched and during the inspection, it was discovered that one adult Eland was unable to stand, requiring immediate attention and another Eland had sustained an injury that needed veterinary treatment. The staff and shipper at the Cargo warehouse were alerted to these concerns and arrangements were made for the compromised animals to receive the necessary attention and the remaining animals to be taken back to the farm. A Warning was issued regarding these concerns and the importance of adherence to IATA Live Animal Regulations. Following the inspection, the animals were transported back to the farm, and a veterinary report was submitted to the NSPCA to confirm treatment.

The shipper has yet to confirm a new shipment date for the animals and the Cargo warehouse will be addressed to prevent any animals suffering with a delay in future animal shipments.

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