Earlier this month, the NSPCA won its case against Mr. Daniel Miller who was found guilty of animal cruelty for the manner in which he was transporting cattle.

In July 2020, NSPCA Inspector Mpho Mokoena was conducting a routine inspection at a saleyard in Vryburg when she observed Mr. Miller driving across the saleyard with two cattle in his construction vehicle that were inhumanely restrained. The cattle were both tied down to the floor of the vehicle in a recumbent position. The ropes prevented either of the cattle from being able to move, which meant that they were forced to lay in their own urine and faeces for the duration of their journey to the saleyard.

Inspector Mokoena immediately intervened to assist the cattle who were visibly distressed and in pain. She ensured both cattle were offloaded safely, and placed into large pens with drinking water. Inspector Mokoena then informed Mr. Miller that what he had done was completely unacceptable and that she would be initiating prosecution against him for the abuse of the two cattle.

Two years later, the NSPCA welcomes the judgement of Honorable Magistrate Mukhindi, who found Mr. Miller guilty of the charges brought against him by the NSPCA. Magistrate Mukhindi sentenced Mr. Miller to two years imprisonment or a fine of R2000.

The inhumane transportation of farmed animals is a serious welfare concern that should not be overlooked. These animals are often loaded into trucks in large numbers which causes overcrowding. No food or water is provided for the animals during transit, and some of the journeys take days to complete. Weaker and smaller animals are often trampled or bullied by bigger animals searching for space. Methods of restraint, such as that used by Mr. Miller, are often cruel and inhumane. The animals are tied to the floor, or their legs or horns are tied up. This results in many of the animals sustaining serious injuries or even dying.

The judgement of honorable magistrate Mukhindi is welcomed by the NSPCA, and it sends a clear message that the transportation of animals must be taken seriously.

The NSPCA extends its sincere appreciation to honorable magistrate Muhkhindi for her judgement, as well as to the prosecutor of our case, Mr. Kgotso Mosanya, for his assistance in helping the NSPCA obtain justice for animal cruelty.

It doesn’t matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ the act of cruelty is. Cruelty is cruelty, and it must be dealt with in all its forms.

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