• A book that teaches kids to appreciate all animals – both big and small. The best time to teach people to appreciate animals is when they’re kids. So, in order to raise some much-needed funds and to educate kids on how amazing all animals are, we created Animals Do What? A book that celebrates all the incredible things animals do for us humans. Like did you know that a cat’s purr can help heal human bones? No? Then best you pre-order your book today! Proceeds from the sale of this book will ensure we can keep helping the animals that do so much for us. * Price excludes delivery.
  • Host your next meeting with our magnificently designed backgrounds.
  • Virtual Card

    Need a gift idea for that special occasion?  Why not commemorate the day by gifting a donation to animals on someone’s behalf.  We will acknowledge your thoughtful gift by sending that special person a beautifully designed virtual card with your best wishes. Please provide us with the card recipient’s name and email address in the ORDER NOTES section of the billing details. All donations will be used to uplift the lives of animals.
  • * Price includes shipping Thandora is our NSPCA mascot, she's super cute and cuddly but stands for a good cause. Buy her for your little one, as a gift or merely for your desk. Shipped in 5-7 working days to all major city centres
  • Join The Cardies Pack by protecting animals with care and kindness. You can purchase buffs, socks and bracelets exclusively from Cardies stores nationwide or on their online shop. By wearing your Pack Gear, you are part of the Pack that makes a difference for animals! Proceeds go to NSPCA.
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