The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has been inundated with emails and phone calls relating to a post on Facebook claiming that the lions at the Krugersdorp Game Reserve are starving.

The Reserve, managed by Mogale City, was inspected by NSPCA Inspectors and we hereby confirm that the post is false. 

The photos used in this post originate from a different case handled by the NSPCA back in 2016. Read the full article here:

We remind everyone not to support captive wildlife facilities. Although lion breeders and captive lion facilities may mislead the public into believing they have stepped in to protect the welfare of these animals, do not be fooled. Forcibly removing Lion cubs from their mothers for cub petting and selfie opportunities, is very traumatic to both the lionesses and her cubs. Once these animals are no longer considered cute and cuddly, or begin to exhibit their natural wild traits, they become fodder for trophy or canned hunting, or the lion bone and meat trade.

We ask that this post is shared far and wide so that all animal lovers out there know that these lions are not starving. We thank everyone for contacting us with their concerns.

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