The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is proud to confirm that Ms Morgane James was awarded the Leadership Award at the ITC 10th Annual Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement Award held on 23 May 2018.

Morgane James has dedicated her life to the welfare of animals and has carried various responsibilities within the SPCA movement for over three decades.   Currently holding the position of Manager, Training Unit at the NSPCA, Morgane has a wealth of experience in the handling and care of all animal species, which knowledge she willingly shares with delegates who attend animal welfare training courses presented to aspiring SPCA Inspectors.  She is a teacher, a mentor and to many SPCA Inspectors around the country, a hero.  To delegates on external courses she is acknowledged for her approachable style and clear and concise presentation of animal welfare legislation and the important parts to be played by law enforcement officers and other role players.  Her contribution in upholding laws which protect animals is invaluable.

Morgane James has played an integral part in the achievements of the NSPCA.  She has worked tirelessly to keep dog racing from being legalised in this country.  She founded the NSPCA’s Donkey Upliftment Projects to address the plight of working donkeys and to provide workable solutions to the people who depend on these animals for their livelihoods and thus improve the welfare of animals in their care.  Along with promoting kindness to working donkeys, Morgane has also worked extensively to address the illegal and inhumane donkey skin trade.  She has also devoted much of her time and expertise to combating dog fighting in this country.

Morgane’s gentle spirit, which is evident to all who meet her, is filled with compassion, and whether she is called to work in the field with abused donkeys, handle a feisty and frightened farm animal, or comfort a traumatised dog – she answers that call – towards a kinder world.

Congratulations Morgane.  We salute you!

This is the 4th time that the NSPCA has proudly won an award at this ceremony.

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