For two years, NSPCA Inspector Matome Semenya and Inspector Oageng Mosito remained steadfast in obtaining justice for a dog they rescued during the investigation of an animal abuse case that the NSPCA will never forget.

On Thursday, 09th June 2022, NSPCA Inspector Matome and Inspector Oageng honoured their duty as Inspectors, when they won the NSPCAs case against Samuel Modise, a man who brutally beat a dog and buried the animal alive in his backyard.

On the 13th of April 2020, the NSPCA responded to a gut-wrenching complaint in Molorwe Village, North West. The owner of the dog had informed the NSPCA that her dog had been brutally attacked by her neighbour, Samuel Modise, and that Modise refused to let the owner see her dog after the attack.

The NSPCA was accompanied by the SAPS to Samuel Modise’s property, where Modise admitted to violently beating the dog with a spade and a brick, and further claimed the dog had died. Modise attempted to conceal the body from the NSPCA stating that the dog had already been buried. Eventually, with the assistance of the SAPS, the NSPCA was able to obtain the location of where the dog’s body was being kept by Modise- a bush behind his property.

When the shallow grave was dug up by the NSPCA inspectors, they made the shocking discovery of the dog…still alive!!!

The dog was found severely injured, covered in blood and certainly breathing her last in excruciating pain. Given the extent of the injuries that she had sustained, the only kindness the NSPCA could extend at that point was to humanely euthanize her surrounded by people who would never forget her torture, and fight for justice to be served!

A case was then opened against Samuel Modise by the NSPCA. Both, NSPCA Inspector Matome and Inspector Oageng remained dedicated to obtaining justice for the dog, and pursued this case religiously for the past two years. Modise had even attempted to have the case withdrawn from Court, claiming that he was trying to protect his goats from the dog, but NSPCA Inspector Matome fiercely defended the NSPCAs case to keep it in Court.

Magistrate Herbert Modiba, from the Mogwase Magistrates Court, found Samuel Modise guilty on all counts. Modise was fined R1000 for his crime, and now has a criminal record.

The NSPCA had hoped that Modise would have faced direct imprisonment for his crimes.

Samuel Modise used a spade and a brick to beat the dog so violently that her eye had even popped out of its socket. Modise then, knowing the dog was alive and in pain, intentionally inflicted further suffering to the dog by burying her alive- condemning her to a slow and torturous death. These acts of violence by Modise can only be regarded as premeditated, inhumane and barbaric. There should be no place in society for humans that display such aggression to helpless victims!

Today it is our animals, tomorrow it will be our children.


Keshvi Nair

Public Relations Officer


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