The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has been made aware of a survey that is being circulated amongst the animal welfare community requesting statistics in relation to animals handled by the various organisations in South Africa.

This so called investigation, and the organisation responsible for this survey, have had no consultation with the NSPCA – the premier animal welfare organisation in South Africa. We express unreservedly that there has been no background given and we are unaware of the objectives and validity of this survey.

The NSPCA does have the consolidated data for the SPCAs around South Africa but we are not obliged or in a position to circulate this information as all SPCAs are autonomous and reserve their rights to publish this information as they see fit.

We note that the organisation that has approached the various animal welfare organisations for this information does not have an NPO or fundraising number and yet their banking details are displayed on their request – what we find even more concerning is that their bank account belongs to a person in their private capacity and not an organisation.


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