We won the lion bone case – but the fight for lions is far from over. Around 300 lion farms still operate throughout South Africa. Profit – not animal welfare – drives this industry.

Compromised genetics, illness, misery, neglect and blatant cruelty: that’s what lion farms are known for – but your donation will help ensure they don’t get away with it.

As the only organisation legally mandated to check on captive lion facilities, we’ve already travelled more than 340 000kms to reach 143 farms … please help us reach them all.

Make no mistake, we want these farms shut down – but until that day, we must keep working to free lions from exploitation and abuse.

When you donate here, you back our Wildlife Protection Unit as they inspect captive facilities and insist that standards of care are upheld; you help us hold abusers accountable where cruelty is uncovered; and you help ensure that the animals’ condition and the conditions in which they live are checked, recorded and reported.

For the love of lions… stand up for them – stand with us.

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