Celebrate Madiba with the NSPCA

NSPCA saves 14 fighting dogs
Pastor jailed for dog fighting

Celebrate Madiba with the NSPCA

Join the 67give movement, support the NSPCA and celebrate what would have been Madiba’s 100th Birthday on 18 July 2018!

There is a proven correlation between animal abuse and other violent and criminal activity – if an animal is being abused there is a strong chance that the abuser has human victims too.

The funds raised in 67Give would go towards continuing the vital work that we do, crime prevention and crime intervention, in fulfilling Mandela’s legacy – the freedom of all South Africans.


1. Register your commitment as a Champion on 67give
2. Nominate the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) as the charity you’d like to fundraise for.
3. Join the movement on Facebook.

As soon as you register your campaign, you can start fundraising on BackaBuddy.

Champions to find 67 people to donate R100 each!

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