The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) are disgusted at the actions of a governmental official and his bodyguards for the unnecessary and cruel shooting of a dog in the Melmoth area on 25 November 2017.

Video footage of the incident surfaced on social media, bringing it to the attention of the NSPCA and Eshowe SPCA 5 days after the dog was shot. The Eshowe SPCA Inspector attended to the complaint as soon as he was made aware of the situation and found the dog still alive with multiple gunshot wounds. 5 days had lapsed and not a single person sought help for this animal, allowing it to suffer for a prolonged period of time.

The video depicts a dog that is tied to a pole being repeatedly shot. A sentient being that was not posing any risk at the time, who was unable to escape this absolutely horrific and excruciating ordeal while bystanders just watch while he screams in agony. The men then just walk away, leaving the dog tied to the pole, completely unconcerned that he was still alive and still suffering. Showing absolutely no guilt for what they had just done.

“We are devastated for this dog and for the community. The link between animal violence and human violence is not something we should ignore. The dog was shot in the presence of community members which included children; their leadership setting an example that it is acceptable to disregard sentient creatures and disrespect life. A leader that is breeding a violent culture” Meg Wilson, NSPCA Communications Unit Manager explained.

The NSPCA will be prosecuting the case on behalf of the Eshowe SPCA. The charges have not been laid yet due to ongoing investigations. Unlike members of the public, the NSPCA undertake the investigation, collect evidence as well as witness statements and we submit an entire docket to the South African Police Services. The only work that the investigating officer has to do is obtain a statement from the accused.


We know from experience that these cases are always remanded, mostly more than twice. Our offices are 514 km from this area so travelling and accommodation costs are going to impact the Organisation. The NSPCA pleads to members of the public to make any contribution to this case, to ensure that at least some of our costs are covered. Any money not utilised for the purposes of this prosecution will be returned.


Our bank details are as follows:


National Council of SPCAs

Standard Bank

Account number: 201032015

Branch code: 051001

Reference: Melmoth Dog


We sincerely thank you for standing with us.



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