The NSPCA is opposed to the unscrupulous breeding with companion animals. It is very important to remember that back-yard breeders are generally not concerned where their puppies or kittens end up, nor do they usually ensure that the animal has a clean bill of health – we only have to count the number of times SPCAs are contacted by heart-broken owners who have bought an animal only to have it fall ill (and even die) a short time after the purchase due to illness or disease.

The NSPCA has also been contacted by numerous heart-broken individuals who have been scammed by breeders and sellers for thousands of Rands. With the advent of the internet and website templates freely available, it has become increasingly easy for criminals to create websites of their own where puppies and kittens are advertised for sale. These animals are more often than not “fake”.

Adopt from an SPCA

Pictures of puppies and kittens are pulled from the internet and posted to their websites as puppies and kittens of their own “stock”. Unsuspecting individuals are tricked into paying a deposit to secure their chosen companion, and then often asked for more money as the animal is being “transported” to them. In the end individuals are left with no money and no companion.

Websites where second-hand items are bought and sold have recently put procedures into place to try and keep their customers as safe as possible from scammers and criminals, however, this is not always possible. In the end criminals will find a way to part you from your hard-earned money.

In order to ensure that you don’t become a victim of a scam involving companion animals, choose to adopt instead. When you adopt, you give an unwanted animal a home and hope for a better life. When you adopt, you don’t contribute towards the exploitation and over-breeding of man’s best friend.

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