The resources of societies are often stretched to capacity around this time of the year, and while many are spending time with friends, family and loved ones, our inspectors are still assuming their duties twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Over and above this, an additional workload is absorbed by inspectors as a result of issues relating to the holiday season.

We implore members of the public to act responsibly, compassionately and empathetically especially around this time.

If you own an animal, please ensure that their needs are adequately met. Their vaccines should be up to date as a protective and preventative measure from dangerous diseases making their rounds across the country. If you are going away on holiday, ensure you have a responsible caregiver for your animals or book them into your local SPCAs boarding kennels. Microchipping your pet is a wonderful gift of identification that cannot be tampered with and may even assist with proof of ownership if your pet goes missing.

Many “sanctuaries” and “wildlife parks” remain open throughout the festive season, making money off of animals subjected to a life of captivity. We ask that you think twice about supporting such facilities by cub petting, lion/cheetah walks, selfies with wild animals etc. and opt for ethical tourism/holiday sites. Furthermore, we caution the public against buying wildlife sold on roadsides and ask that this cruelty is reported with photographic evidence.

The public play an integral role in stopping cruelty by speaking up. We count on you to be our eyes and ears, and report cruelty as soon as possible. Animals depend on you to speak for them when they cannot speak for themselves. This can range from chained dogs, to broken down vehicles carrying farm animals – anything of concern should be reported. Every SPCA has an after hours emergency line which will be answered even on public holidays. We encourage the public to keep the numbers of local SPCAs on their cellphones this will assist in reporting cruelty promptly. We remind the public that all complaints are treated confidentially.

A major part of the festive and new year season is the extensive dining and ‘get togethers’. We ask the public to spare a thought of how the animals that will be eaten landed on your plate, and to opt to purchase “humanely produced” foods.

Lastly, due to the dire financial constraints societies are placed under around this time, we ask that you kindly support your local SPCA and the NSPCA. This can be done by monetary donations, or the handing over of useful items such as food, blankets, bowls etc. or resalable items that you no longer use. Make this December one to truly remember with your support to those in need of it most.

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