The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is both disappointed and horrified to confirm that the outcome in the High Court to interdict the impending live export by sea to the Middle East, was not in favour of the 56 000 sheep. The case, however, is far from over.

On 25 August 2020, Judge Dukada handed down an order, allowing the Kuwaiti exporters, Al Mawashi and KLTT, to export no more than 56 000 sheep over the equator on the Al Messilah vessel in the hottest month of the year. Furthermore, Judge Dukada ordered that the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development must monitor the loading process and provide reports to the court – this is the same Department that the NSPCA has laid animal cruelty charges against in previous shipments.

The order states that reasons for the Judgment will be provided on or before 15 September 2020. Without the reasons, it isn’t easy to establish the intention of the order, and we are seeking clarity from Judge Dukada. In the interim, the NSPCA contingent is en route to the Eastern Cape to ensure that the animals are treated humanely.

The glaring issue in the order is that it does not protect the animals from heat stress and other cruelty that takes place on these ships, which is the reason that the NSPCA brought about an application in the first place. The NSPCA intends to appeal this matter.

“We are devastated for the 56 000 sheep that will have to endure this treacherous journey, the undeniable cruelty that takes place on these voyages is simply unacceptable. We will not give up, we will continue to fight this. The Government will also be monitored closely; they have a very responsible task and are not above the law,” said Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director of the NSPCA.

“We are sincerely grateful to our supporters who have donated financially. It has been a tremendously long and costly exercise, and we are far from the goal. We humbly ask for continued financial support as we continue to fight this giant, we will not take our eyes off the goal and will endeavour with all of our might to end this cruel trade,” explained Marcelle Meredith.

The NSPCA extends its sincere thanks to its prestigious legal team consisting of Adv. Kevin Hopkins, Adv. Alexandra Ashton, and Dean Wright and Dominique Lloyd of Wright Incorporated, for their dedication and expertise, and Animals Australia for their consistent and substantial support.

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