The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) uncovered a disturbing scene at a puppy farm known as Nicialize in Warden in the Free State. Inspectors discovered neglect and cruelty, as well as unhygienic and parasitic living conditions that the animals were forced to live in.

Dogs and puppies were found to be living in cages and baskets covered in urine and faeces with a strong ammonia build up. Some of the faecal matter was so old, it had mould growing on it. Animals were matted and infested with external parasites and the majority of the dogs had terrible dental issues as well as behavioural problems.

“I was appalled, horrified and disgusted by the conditions that these poor animals were living in, what was even more heart wrenching was the total disregard by the owner, they are evidently nothing more than breeding machines” said Pam Pretorius of the NSPCA Society Liaison Unit.

42 dogs and 8 guinea pigs were taken into the care of the NSPCA. Approximately 120 animals remain, among these are dogs, puppies, budgerigars, cockatoos and African Greys. The NSPCA will continue to inspect this facility to ensure that no more animals suffer at the hands of this breeder and that the law is upheld.

The NSPCA urges members of the public to stop supporting back yard breeders and puppy mills and rather adopt animals from their local SPCA. As long as there is a demand, the supply will continue and the cycle of suffering will remain.

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