It is important to acknowledge and celebrate International Animal Week. It is even more important to make a long-term commitment to improving the welfare of animals and distancing ourselves from any form of animal exploitation.

This is the strong message from the National Council of SPCAs as World Animal Day and International Animal Week approach; – 04 October and 04 to 10 October respectively.

The caring side of South African people is usually demonstrated when they support their local SPCA at these times and take part in the activities in their own area. This is welcomed and acknowledged with appreciation.

Yet to make a lasting difference, a sustained effort is required and an appeal goes out at this time for everyone to consider and commit to making a lasting difference. Supporting your local SPCA on an ongoing basis is a fine start. Many find themselves in dire financial straits and need people to assist in any way they can to enable funds to be raised and used to help animals.

All animals deserve protection. Specific issues may hit headlines from time to time yet we must not forget that even though matters are out of sight or out of the media, they may not have been resolved. Not only rhino are poached. Not only lion are trophy-hunted. Large-scale commercial farms keep animals confined in spaces that would cause outrage if the same conditions were applied to dogs and cats. The NSPCA investigates all the above and works tirelessly to improve conditions. Click here to check out our different operational units.

To give one example, relating to education, which equally applies to all species. The NSPCA’s Animal Ethics Unit serves on 42 Animal Ethics Committees nationally and personnel have to travel to meetings all around the country. Personnel from this Unit play a major role in education/training the scientific community especially Animal Ethics Committee members as well as playing a major role in developing the Standards (SABS) of scientific research in the country.

Everyone can help by supporting this work, in principle and in practice.

Above all, report cruelty. Keep the number of your local SPCA on your cell phone. Each SPCA has an around-the-clock emergency service and will either respond to calls relating to animals needing assistance or will forward the information to the nearest SPCA.

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Anyone and everyone can help animals in need – together we will make a difference!

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