NSPCA Executive Director, Marcelle Meredith has been awarded the Jeannette McDermott award for animal welfare.

The award was created in Canada by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (now World Animal Protection – WAP) in 1996 “in recognition of someone’s life devoted to animal welfare.”

Dominique Bellemare, Chairman of WAP Canada stated: “Marcelle has done amazing work for the past decade and for the cause of animal welfare. She has used her years on the international platform to advance the cause of animal welfare in Africa. I thank her profusely for all her work and dedication.”

Marcelle Meredith retired from the Board of World Animal Protection earlier this month after 16 years of service, being part of its executive team and also served as:

– The Trustee for Africa
– Chairman of the International Human Resources and Remuneration committee
– Member of the International Nominations and Grievance committee.

Paul Baldwin, Chairman of the WAP Board stated that Marcelle Meredith’s 16 years of service “characterised strategic thinking, tireless efforts to increase credibility and visibility of WAP.” Her commitment, time and contribution were noted with appreciation.

The Board of Directors and staff extend appreciation and admiration to Marcelle on being awarded such an accolade on the international stage of animal welfare. It is a worthy personal achievement and a milestone in the history of the NSPCA and the SPCA movement in South Africa. The qualities emphasised are indeed talents, merits and abilities demonstrated on an ongoing basis by Marcelle Meredith’s work at the NSPCA on behalf of animals of all species in our own country.

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