The NSPCA welcomes the sentencing of three accused persons in the Roodepoort Regional Court last week on charges of dog fighting. The three accused pleaded guilty on charges of dog fighting. This included being spectators at a dog fight, and one of the accused for being in possession of a fighting dog.

All three accused were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, which have been suspended for 5 years. The three accused also received an additional sentence of 2 years house arrest under correctional supervision. They also have to complete 16 hours of community service per month at a welfare organisation that does not handle animals. The three accused must attend a mandatory course in Life Skills at a correctional facility.

This sentencing followed a successful dog fighting raid by the NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit on 27 August 2016, whereby 9 severely injured dogs were rescued and 10 people were arrested in Dobsonville, Soweto.

The criminal case against the remaining 7 accused persons is still ongoing.



The NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit was assisted by members of the SAPS 27 August 2016 where a group of people had converged in an area of secluded veld in Dobsonville, Soweto, and fighting was underway with dogs. Dog fighters fled, abandoning their dogs. They were pursued and apprehended by the police officers.

The NSPCA intervened immediately to separate the dogs that were still engaged in fighting and then to provide emergency care for dogs that had been severely injured in earlier fights.

Dogs were found in a state of collapse, some suffering from broken legs, blood loss, shock and dehydration. The injured animals were removed from the scene and taken for veterinary assessment. Sadly some of these brutalised dogs did not survive. The remaining dogs are undergoing veterinary treatment and will remain under the control of the NSPCA for safekeeping.

Criminal charges have been laid in terms of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962 against those arrested.

Dog fighting is barbaric and illegal. The NSPCA team is ready to act and react at all times. Raids are fraught with danger yet our tireless pursuit to end this brutal activity is unwavering and steadfast. We have no doubt that all caring people will stand with us to support the Investigations Unit’s dedication to combating the scourge of dog fighting in our country.


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