A cow was brutally while still alive, after it had been involved in a collision with a vehicle. The NSPCA is appalled by the actions of these bystanders.

What happened:

On 02 July 2017, at approximately 18h25 Inspector Annette Muller of the King Williams Town SPCA, in the Eastern Cape, responded to the accident on the N2 Highway in Breibach, outside King Williams Town.

As the Inspector arrived at the scene, bystanders were busy brutally butchering a cow that was still alive.

Bystanders were using an axe to get pieces of meat from the animal.

One of the animal’s hind legs was already viciously removed and when the Inspector tried to intervene the bystanders became aggressive and pushed her away.

Fortunately the SPCA Inspector managed to end the animal’s suffering in a humane manner.

“I shouted at them to stop cutting the cow and I tried to push them away but they would not stop. I have never in my time with the SPCA heard a cow bellow like that from agony. All I wanted to do was end the animal’s suffering” said an emotional Inspector Muller.

It is incomprehensible that these people acted without any compassion, and tortured an animal to claim meat, ignoring the pleas of the Inspector.

We commend Inspector Muller for her brave intervention, and for taking humane action to end this poor animal’s suffering.

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