The NSPCA celebrates the ban of live animal exports in New Zealand which will take effect from April 2023. This comes two years after a live export disaster that claimed the lives of 6000 cattle and 41 crew members after the vessel left New Zealand.
Early this morning, New Zealand’s animal welfare amendment bill was signed into law. The Bill states that, “ A person must not apply for, and the Director-General must not issue, an animal welfare export certificate for the export of cattle, deer, goats, or sheep by ship. “ on or after 30 April 2023.
This is a MASSIVE victory in the world of animal welfare. Earlier this year, more than 15,000 sheep drowned after a live export ship sank in Sudan, and in 2020 a capsize killed 14,000 sheep. In 2021, 3,000 cattle were stranded at sea for three months, leaving many dead, dying, starving or extremely dehydrated. On board live export vessels, live animals are at sea for extended periods of time and it is an arduous journey as they are subjected to severe heat stress, overcrowding, living in an accumulation of their own excrements, and other welfare concerns.
More and more countries around the world, including Australia, are recognising the extreme cruelty and suffering that animals are subjected to on board live export vessels, and their Governments are putting an end to that suffering.
It is time for South Africa to follow suit! It is time for the South African Government to acknowledge the suffering our sheep are subjected to on board live export vessels. The NSPCA continues to fight to end the live export of sheep from South Africa.
“We will never give up and we cherish the vision of one day being able to say that live export in South Africa is banned!” – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director.

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