…as our Sheep are Loaded onto the Ship of Death

Al Mawashi’s ship of death, the Al Messilah, arrived early on Sunday morning. NSPCA officials also arrived in East London on Sunday to monitor the loading of our sheep.

A warrant that was granted to the NSPCA for the harbour by the East London courts restricts us by allowing only four inspectors on the dock, three of which may enter the vessel for a period of only 45 minutes after every 5000 sheep loaded.

The second warrant granted to the NSPCA for the Berlin feedlot, by the King Williams Town Court was unrestricted.

The first day of loading began on Monday morning. Our teams began working before sunrise and continued to work well after sunset at both the feedlot in Berlin as well as the harbour in East London. Hundreds of compromised animals were pulled out by our inspectors during the monitoring process on day one alone. Loading at the harbour only concluded at around 21h00 after close to 40 000 sheep had been loaded.

Loading continues today, where our team of 12 inspectors are once again present at both sites to act on behalf of and in the best interests of our animals.

It is the hottest period of the year in which to export animals. For close to three weeks our sheep will be subjected to living in their own faeces and urine, exposure to noxious gases such as extremely high levels of ammonia, heat stress, possible rough seas and living amoung dead penmates.

According to Australian reports, thousands of animals die during the journey.

The ship of death is likely to leave our country tomorrow, carrying 56 000 of our innocent animals who do not deserve the suffering they will endure on board the Al Messilah.

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