Earlier this week, the NSPCA came across various articles in the media regarding a goat rapist referred to as ‘shepherd mamboyi’. Videos of Shepherd Mamboyi admitting to raping the goats to death are being widely spread across social media platforms such as Twitter.

Though many articles are being circulated in the media, none of the journalists felt the need to contact the NSPCA or local SPCA to report the crime- a shocking reminder that, in South Africa, animal cruelty is not taken as seriously as it should be, especially by the people who have the influence and power to make a difference!

To make matters worse, ‘Mitchell we Gqom’ has now released a music track in the name of the goat rapist using a remixed snippet of one of the videos wherein the goat rapist admits to raping the animals. The NSPCA asks, would it be acceptable if Mitchell we Gqom, or any other music producer, remixed a video of a human rapist admitting to raping another human into a music track? Certainly not! To make light of these acts of cruelty not only desensitizes the community but breaks down the morals of our community. Sexual acts with animals is a criminal offence to which a man was sentenced to 8 years direct imprisonment only a few months ago.

Any person who rapes another being, human or animal, is a danger to society. The NSPCA has shared, on countless occasions, that there is evidence that suggests that people who rape animals eventually go on to abuse other vulnerable members of society- children, the elderly etc. The NSPCA is disgusted and outraged by Mitchell we Gqom’s irresponsibility, apathy and lack of foresight in respect of the implications of his production. With his audience being the youth, his production exposes them to criminal acts with greater novelty. The NSPCA has seen an increase in child offenders in respect of sexual and violent crimes, with media such as this exacerbating an already inflamed problem.

The NSPCA Special investigations unit has reached out to multiple journalists who published articles regarding the animal rapist in order to try and track down where the shepherd can be found. To date, the NSPCA only have a general region where the offender lives, but not an exact address. The NSPCA implores anyone with information regarding where Shepherd Mamboyi can be found to please report such directly to the NSPCA at specialinvestigations@nspca.co.za

“This apathy that is spread through our communities is a cancer that must be cut out decisively. Animal cruelty is a crime, any portrayal to the contrary is grossly unjust! ” – Senior Inspector Nazareth Appalsamy, Manager, Special Investigations Unit, NSPCA.


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