Afriforum, acting on behalf of the NSPCA, today put forward their final witness in the case of animal cruelty against Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Thandi Modise.

Ms. Modise’s defence team has applied for the accused to be discharged, alleging that the evidence brought against her is insufficient.

The defence, on behalf of Ms. Modise, argued their case for the discharge today. The NSPCAs replying statement to the application will be heard tomorrow morning at 09h00 the Potchefstroom Magistrates Court.

Let us not forget the suffering of particularly the pigs, but also that of the sheep, goats chickens and geese, and the complete agony they must’ve endured leading to either their deaths or until the intervention of the NSPCA.

“We have confidence that the court will give due consideration to the argument presented tomorrow and that the case will, therefore, continue to be heard. “ – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director.

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