Recently, Pet Zone made a statement confirming that live animals were and would continue being sold at their stores which previously used to only sell pet necessities and accessories. This raised major concerns for the public, as well as the National Council of SPCAs. Following the statement, the NSPCA formally wrote to Pet Zone expressing our disappointment, concerns and advice to retract their decision to sell live animals.
On Friday, 05th February 2021, Pet Zone officially responded to the NSPCA advising us that they have decided to cease the sale of live animals in all current and future stores following our formal letter and the public outcry.
We wish to commend Pet Zone for acting responsibly by retracting their decision to sell live animals across their stores, and, by doing so, protecting countless animals from unknown and possibly cruel fates. Further to this, we wish to thank Pet Zone for acknowledging the opinions and concerns of the NSPCA and abiding by their words to engage with us on the best possible outcome in the best interests of the animals.
We are grateful to the public for their support in this matter, your continued support proves how much we can achieve to better the lives of all animals together.

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