After almost seven years of pursuing justice for the animals that were subjected to heinous cruelty on her farm, the NSPCA is extremely disappointed that Thandi Modise has been acquitted of all charges of animal cruelty brought against her.

Yesterday, Ms. Modise’s defence team had requested the court to discharge the accused’s application on account of there being “insufficient evidence” against Ms. Modise herself.

Today, Gerrie Nel and the legal team of AfriForum, acting on behalf of the NSPCA, fiercely responded by refuting the discharge of the application. There has been overwhelming evidence that proves animals indeed suffered and died on the accused’s farm- this is a fact that has never been denied by the accused’s defence team.

Ms. Modise’s defence would rather the blame be placed on that of Mr. T. Mogedi, the employee who was supposed to have been paid R30 per day on Ms. Modise’s farm. Further to this, the defence team of Ms. Modise has gone to extremes in attempting to make this case one that is of racism and politics which is nothing short of disgraceful.

Animals suffered and died on Ms. Modise’s farm, that is why we approached the courts.

The NSPCA has instructed Mr. Nel and the legal team of Afriforum to appeal the judgement handed down by the Potchefstroom Magistrates court today.

“This is a complete travesty of justice for the animals that suffered and died a horrendous death, but we will not give up. We are indebted to Advocate Gerrie Nel and the legal team of Afriforum for their great efforts in assisting us with the private prosecution.” – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director.

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