The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is pleading to the public to vote for the SPCA – National Fund in the Vote4Charity campaign launched by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet in May 2018.

The NSPCA is working towards a kinder world where our work covers far more than just animal welfare. We reach out to people and communities, as well as break the cycle of violence by preventing and intervening with crimes such as deliberate and deviant acts of violence against animals, as well as bestiality. These crimes are proven to progress into violent crimes and sexual crimes against vulnerable people, women and children.

We engender compassion from a young age and believe that this is the answer to grooming a positive and functioning society all the while investigating, educating and where necessary prosecuting animal crimes.

By voting for the SPCA – National Fund, you are not only contributing R5 to our cause at no cost to you, but you are giving us the much needed opportunity to tell our story to be able to continue our necessary work to make South Africa safer.

Vote for the SPCA – National Fund with the knowledge and pride that you helped prevent crimes, that you touched lives of both animals and people alike and that you made South Africa better.

Change South Africa with us. Vote for the SPCA – National Fund.

Donate to the NSPCA

If you are as passionate about animals and their well-being as we are, consider supporting our causes by donating here.

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