The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the economy decline with countless people losing their jobs, experiencing pay cuts or having to close down their businesses. As a result, it is understandable that people are finding it difficult to take care of themselves, their families and their beloved pets. The NSPCA wishes to remind the public that all unwanted and stray animals may be surrendered to any of the SPCA branches across the country, at no charge, if need be.

In fact, the NSPCA implores all members of the public who are struggling to take care of their pets to surrender the animal/s to their local SPCA or animal welfare shelter rather than to let the animal suffer. It is up to you to be a responsible pet owner. This means you may have to acknowledge you no longer have the means to provide the necessary veterinary treatment or food and shelter for the animal, and surrender the animal to the SPCA. This does not mean that you don’t love or care for your pet, it simply means you love or care for your pet enough to ensure that his/her needs are met.

Being a responsible owner means that you will not sell your pet online or pass it on to friends/family or give the animal away to a ‘good home’ when you can no longer afford to keep him/her. There is no way to guarantee your beloved pet will be treated with kindness and compassion if the above route is taken.

There is also no excuse to dump or abandon animals because you cannot afford to keep them. The SPCA is willing to accept ALL unwanted animals of any size and species.

We wish to assure the public that they should not be afraid to surrender pets for whatever reason. The SPCA does not charge for animals to be surrendered, however, donations are welcome.

For assistance, kindly contact your local SPCA. Details can be found on our website at under the ‘locate’ icon.

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