In July 2014, the NSPCA executed a search warrant to inspect Parliament Speaker, Thandi Modise’s farm – this after we had received a complaint that the animals on her farm had been abandoned. NSPCA inspectors were horrified to find Modise’s property completely littered with carcasses of animals that were left to starve to death. The animals that were still alive were found eating the carcasses of the dead, cannibalising, to survive. No food or water was observed to be available for the animals at the time of the inspection. Consequently, the NSPCA lodged a criminal case in July 2014, charging Ms. Modise in terms of the Animals Protection Act.

The NSPCA battled for almost four years to have the case heard, only to be informed that the National Prosecuting Authority would not prosecute on account of there being a, “lack of evidence.” Since then, Afriforum, led by Advocate Gerrie Nel, has assisted the NSPCA in private prosecution. Modise has failed to appear in court several times, due to “important work commitments”. The court launched an inquiry and advised Modise that constantly failing to appear will result in contempt of court.

The trial date has been set for the 1-3 December 2020.

“The NSPCA, as always, has not given up. It can take months, it can take years, it can take decades but we will continue to pursue cruelty cases to ensure justice is served for those who suffered unnecessarily. It has taken almost seven years to reach this point, and we are hopeful that justice will prevail.” – Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director of the National Council of SPCAs.

The NSPCA extends their sincere appreciation to Advocate Gerrie Nel, and AfriForum for pursuing this case on our behalf.

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