Recently, the National Council of SPCAs received a complaint of alleged animal cruelty taking place at Wetnose Animal Shelter in Bronkhorstpruit. All cruelty complaints that are received by the Council are investigated. It does not matter who the complaint is against, no one is exempt from investigation- including other animal welfare organisations and Government officials.

Upon arrival, the manager of Wetnose refused entry to the NSPCA. The manager further enquired what powers the NSPCA possesses to conduct an inspection of another animal welfare organisation. The NSPCA left the property and later returned to conduct the inspection under a warrant. Animal welfare concerns were indeed discovered by the NSPCA at Wetnose.

It is extremely disappointing that Wetnose, another animal welfare organisation, would require the NSPCA to produce a warrant in order to conduct an inspection. Wetnose is fully aware that ALL cruelty complaints must be investigated as they themselves conduct inspections around Bronkhorstspruit. Further to this, Wetnose, who is also an NPO, knows the value of being resourceful to prevent wastage of public funding. To require the NSPCA to obtain a warrant resulted in the expenditure of the valuable time of the NSPCAs veterinarian and Inspector, as well as the publics funds to have to travel back and forth.

The Council extends its sincere appreciation to the members of the public who have the courage to come forward and report animal cruelty, regardless of whether it’s against another animal shelter, SPCA, veterinarian or Government official. The Council once again assures the public that all complaints of animal cruelty WILL be investigated.

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